Are you saved?  How do you know you are saved?  
    Because you know Him?  Because you go to church?  Because you know the word?
    The accuser of mankind knows HIM, knows the WORD and goes to CHURCH, big deal!!

We demonstrate our relationship with Abba by the way we LOVE one another.
WARNING:  These videos contain harsh realities and their contents may offend some,
but those very words may wake them from their slumber and deliver them from deception.
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Shalom Aleichem!
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Tacoma's premier
Messianic Congregation,
serving Tacoma since 1991.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the KING
of kings and LORD of lords.
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"Balancing the Goodness of Torah with the Grace and Mercy of Messiah"
Congregation T’shuvat Yisrael - Revival Hymn